Joy Ngiaw is a composer from Malaysia best known for her score to Walt Disney Animation's Jing Hua, VR animated short A Kite's Tale, and award-winning feature film In A New York Minute. She had contributed to a wide variety of critically acclaimed works including TV shows such as FX/Marvel's Legion, HBO's The Night Of, films such as Netflix's Voyeur, Tribeca Film Festival's Shadowman, and video games such as What Remains of Edith Finch. See her full list of credits here.

Her soundtrack to short film Fish Head was awarded Best Original Score at Asians On Film Festival. In 2019, she was also one of the winning composers of Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival. As a concert composer, she had composed music for prestigious orchestras such as Boston Pops, Helix Collective and the Valencia Symphony Orchestra. She was also chosen to participate in the SESAC SCORES film scoring workshop under the direction of Emmy award-winning composer Christophe Beck (Frozen, Ant-Man) and John Swihart (Napoleon Dynamite) in 2018.

She was born in Malaysia and brought up in China, thus being fluent in English, Chinese and Cantonese. At age 6, she started playing classical piano, and was the pianist for the New Shanghai Orchestra (2011-2012). She then attended Berklee College of Music and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Film Scoring and minor in Video Game Scoring. 

Joy's love for storytelling, connecting and collaborating with people has lead her to film scoring, and her goal as an artist is to help contribute to meaningful and culturally relevant content that celebrates diversity.

Most recently, Joy has completed scoring feature film June and Kopi, which is set to release in Indonesian theaters in 2021.



Jerry Huynh

director of Disney's "Jing Hua"

Joy was the collaborator of my dreams and understood the project from the get go and then went even further to understand me and it even more. She went beyond what I could have possibly imagined and created music that elevates the project from an emotional experiment to something else entirely different. Her professionalism, her support, and her musical prowess are amazing to behold and I am lucky to have worked with her.  

Bruce Wright

director of Disney's

"a kite's tale"

In an animated short, especially one without dialog, the music must be the voice of the characters. Every moment of emotional clarity relies greatly on the score. Joy understands how to create that beating heart of the film through her music. She brought her skill to this project with the utmost professionalism, and was a true creative partner. Joy's music carries the emotions of our film aloft and gives the characters voice. We are grateful for her collaboration.

Wayne Lim

producer of film "In A New York Minute"

Music in film adds another layer to the storytelling and Joy's score for our film perfectly emphasized the emotions in each scene. Wonderful to work with, Joy went above and beyond in delivering everything in a professional and timely manner as well as making sure every note was up to her standards. Ever since the premiere, Joy remains one of the film's most adamant supporters and we feel fortunate to have met through this process.

Marcos Durian

director of film

"Fish Head"

My creative journey with Joy was one of mutual understanding, respect and beauty. Her artistry and sense of imagination is unique, singular and unparalleled. She created a score for Fish Head that exceeded anything I could have ever envisioned. Joy not only moved me with her music but moved our audience which speaks volumes to her talent, intuition and imagination. I am eternally grateful for her support, her vision, and to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Jamie Lang

Variety review of

"Jing Hua"

(Ngiaw's) sweeping score and ambitious action shots tore at the audiences heart strings with no need for dialogue as, the woman in the film uses martial arts to battle intense feelings of loss and grief reflecting Huynh’s own.

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